Taksi Primkopau

Primkopau is an abbreviation of Primary Air Force Cooperative which provides transportation services at Husein Sastranegara Airport. In addition, the Primary Air Force Cooperative (Primkopau) cooperates with an online transportation service provider company, Grab, to facilitate passenger shuttle services at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung City.


City transportation or commonly abbreviated as Angkot is a public transportation with a predetermined route. Unlike buses that have bus stops as predetermined stops, city transportation can stop to raise or lower passengers anywhere. In the city of Bandung itself, the use of city transportation or public transportation is commonly used by the public. There are many angkots with various colors and routes. The price usually given when using public transportation is usually according to how far the distance is, as an illustration of the journey from Pasirkaliki to Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP) for IDR 3.000. While the longer distance is normally around IDR 5.000.


Becak is a three-wheeled transportation mode commonly found in the city of Bandung. The normal capacity of a pedicab is two passengers and a driver. Becak is still a transportation option for the people of Bandung. To avoid the “excessive price” that may be requested by the becak driver, you can ask in advance about the current cost of the becak. The pedicab fare itself usually varies, around IDR. 15,000 to IDR. 25,000, depending on the distance of the trip. As an illustration, the cost of riding a rickshaw for the distance of about 1.5 kilometers (approximately 7 minutes) is IDR. 15,000. Becak ride will be a good choice if you are tired of walking and want to enjoy the fresh air in the city of Bandung.


DAMRI presence in London began on June 22, 1978 by decree of Mayor of London No. 10/85/1978, with the aim of replacing the minibus transport into mass transit. When it DAMRI operate 70 units of Indian-made Tata buses.
Furthermore, between the years 1978-1988 with the increase in population and demand for people in Bandung, do rejuvenation by replacing all Tata buses by 1113. In 2002 Mercy Housing DAMRI Bandung operate bus routes service excellence (RPP).
Now with 230 fleet serving 15 stretch in Bandung Raya route intercity and 2, where Perum DAMRI in Bandung certainly not in doubt. Currently Perum DAMRI also is exploring a plan for opening a new route between cities in the province (Descending) and intercity interprovincial (AKAP).

Location :

Kebon Kawung No. 22 Bandung

Phone : 022-4204703

Trans Metro Bandung

Trans Metro Bandung is Bus Rapid Transit in the city of Bandung. Trans Metro Bandung has operated the first corridor, namely the Cibeureum-Cibiru corridor as far as 16 km. There are 16 stops on the Trans Metro Bandung line. This corridor I bus only passes Jalan By Pass Soekarno Hatta. This bus is also expected to be a solution to congestion in the city of Bandung. Trans Metro Bandung provides transportation services at low prices, facilities and guaranteed comfort and on time to destination. Trans Metro Bandung is a large-sized bus equipped with air conditioning